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friends only

I think that I have reverted back to a public journal.
But all the old entries are still friends only.
And I might make some more secret entries in the future.
But until then,

(one person)

Rage are number one! That is awesome. Prior to the crowning of CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE, I kept seeing people joining that facebook group about it, and people kept telling me in person to buy it, and I was thinking all along that no way is me (one person) buying that single going to make a difference. I didn't buy it. But so many other (one persons) bought it, and all together they did it.


It reinforces all my moments when I think, "well, I recycle, and I don't eat meat, and I do switch things off at the plug, but am I (one person) really making a difference?". Well...


One person does make a difference! Success! Go, one persons of the world!

Writer's Block: Message in a bottle

What three items would you place in a time capsule to help future generations understand you?

Okay, firstly, I wanted to be able to change the wording of this question so that it read: "Which three items...". But, I don't have that power. So.

In a time capsule that would help future generations understand me, I would include:

1) My (handwritten) journal from May 2007 - December 2008, because there was so much transistion in my life then so it was all very wild and makes me seem more interesting than usual. Also, in this one-off limited edition!: All the good stuff about Jamie and I getting together! A love story of our time! Includes favourites like the New York trip! Catch current editions by hanging out with us! Yeah, that journal has all the good stuff.

2) A photo album with my favourite pictures of me and my friends in it, and things like my house, pets, camp... A picture speaks a thousand words, after all.

3) My iPod (hope they've got a charger!). Prepare to listen to a lot of Ben Folds, oh people of the future...


I have started cycling to and from work, it's a pretty hefty ride. It works out a little under eleven miles all round.

The part of my butt that sits on the seat hurts today. Like, yesterday's pain x 2.

But you know what? It doesn't half feel good to be out riding so much. Aw, yeeeeeeah.
I went to my new yoga class tonight, for the first time. It was intense. My old class (sadly now a couple of hundred miles away due to my moving house) was so wonderful, and largely responsible for my yoga-love. It was calming and relaxing, and the stretching and strength came from balanced, controlled movements and poses.

This was something else. We went into the Downward Dog, down into the Child, forward into the Cobra, and then humped our butts right back up again into the Downward Dog so that we could do it all again, many times over. And boy, did we do it fast. It was haaaaard. There was a time when I thought I would never make it into the Dog again, my body wanted to flop into the floor and not get up again for a long while.

The Downward Dog is hard. I find it very hard. This is what it should look like:

But, I think that I must have weirdly short muscles in the backs of my legs, because I cannot, cannot, cannot get my feet flat on the floor. And this pose seems to stretch every muscle I apparently never use, and we had to hold it for so long. Seriously, she walked around the room looking at us all while we held it for second after difficult second. She did call mine a "perfect", which is nice, but it's just so hard! Did I mention that it's really hard?

Anyway, despite all this bitching, I do adore yoga, and I did really enjoy this class. It was hard, but what's not to love about a challenge?
One day, my legs will surrender and my heels will be down. Aw yeah.



I have got very little money right now, and I have had three days off work and man, oh man have they been dull.

To fill my time until my next shift (this afternoon! Yes!), I've been playing Farmville on Facebook with the intensity of a World of Warcraft junkie. I've levelled up so high in these three days that I now cringe in embarrassment when I see my experience points. I joined the Farmville forum to beg for more neighbours so that I could unlock the higher level land expansion. I arranged my animals and props so that when people visit my farm, their starting point is sandwiched between two goats at a picnic table. I smile to myself when I think about people visiting my farm.

Thank goodness for work this afternoon.

But, if you play Farmville... Add me?

Writer's Block: Mirror, mirror

If you broke a mirror, would you worry about bad luck even if you're not superstitious? Would you walk under a ladder or cross a black cat's path on a dare? Is there anything you're superstitious about?

Huh. I wouldn't want to break a mirror but I can't believe that you would get seven years of solid bad luck for it. That seems ridiculous to me. I'm not really superstitious at all, at heart I'm a glass-half-full kinda girl and I tend to relish good luck while largely ignoring the bad. The only thing I am a little funny about is crossing people on the stairs - I hold my breath if I have to do it, and I do like it when people are too polite to start decending a set while you're still ascending :)
I saw.

Oh, that's new. I went to write an entry, and it said "restore from saved draft?"
Yes, thought I, clicking OK.
And so it wrote "I saw" for me. I added the full stop.

The government iniative to make people healthy is very badly punctuated. To punish the government, I am never moving again, and I'm only going to eat burgers and Mars bars. That'll teach 'em.

Mine and Claire's birthday party is on saturday, and so far all I have is a wig. I need to rustle up an air hostess costume from somewhere... Can I make one?

Me no know.

on being gay


I just IMBD'd her and she's only 21.