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that was awesome!

28 March
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The Census report, like most such surveys, had cost an awful lot of money and didn't tell anyone anything they didn't already know - except that every single person in the galaxy had 2.4 legs and owned a hyena.

Hello, I have 2.4 legs and own a hyena.

I AM: me.
I OWN: a lot of shoes.
I WANT: no more dairy.
I NEED: some more orange juice, please.
I LIKE: lots of things.
I LOVE: all my friends.
I SING: Queen at 4.30 in the morning wearing an orange baseball cap and red lipstick, with all my pals.
I DANCE: at every opportunity.
I THINK: about things too much.

Elephants are my favourite animals. Well, really dinosaurs are, but they're not technically animals and they're also extinct, so I don't know if they count. I did an English degree but I have no intention of doing anything involving English as a career now I'm done. I go to the gym a lot but I'll never be as skinny as Nicole Richie. I like ugly Converse. I adore Queen. Open mic is better than karaoke, but singing in general rocks my socksicles. Skylark Ranch is in my heart. My sister lives 7000 miles away.

I like listening to the songs on my computer in alphabetical order. I don't eat meat. I give blood. I like how cats jump over gates.

-written with help from Notepad-

I like facebook. But I probably won't add you on it.

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